Add-On Modules

For Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite for IBM i

Add-On Modules for a Host of Expanded Security Capabilities

Take your IBM i security to the next level with powerful add-on modules that can be plugged into your Enforcive Enterprise Security Suite to provide expanded capabilities. These include firewall management, compliance policy management, field encryption, security event collection, compliance templates, and password self-service.


Enforcive Firewall Manager

Monitor and secure all inbound and outbound TCP/IP connections to your IBM i environments by IP address, port, and account type. The IBM i Firewall Manager incorporates a user-friendly GUI to simplify the implementation of port-based access policies.
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Enforcive Policy Compliance Manager

Create, document, and maintain a clear security policy across your organization through an innovative template-based approach. Policy Compliance Manager lets you easily verify that your security and system settings are in line with corporate IT policies or regulatory requirements.
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Enforcive Field Encryption

An all-inclusive engine for implementing field-level encryption on IBM i, this powerful module provides field masking and data scrambling, while also supporting IFS encryption and Save File encryption.
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Enforcive Data Provider

Identify any subset of known security events using this comprehensive “filter-based” tool and then efficiently export this information to the SIEM/Syslog tool of your choice.
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Enforcive Accelerator Package

Streamline compliance operations with an extensive set of predefined reports, alerts, and compliance template definitions that are tightly mapped to the relevant sections of SOX and PCI_DSS regulations, as well as COBIT, and ISO 27002 standards.
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Enforcive Password Self Service

Relieve your help desk from many recurring IBM i password management tasks. Password Self-Service implements an autonomous process that enables end users to independently and securely manage their own passwords.
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